AV timeout?

Michael Scheidell michael.scheidell at secnap.com
Wed Jun 29 21:12:47 CEST 2011

On 6/29/11 2:33 PM, Mark Martinec wrote:
> It may be possible to have two instances of clamd running on
> separate sockets, and when one fails switch over and restart
> amavisd on the other, while leaving the first for experimentation.
I have this.. sorta.

all of my amavisd.conf (2.6.4) have a backup scanner which is a tcp 
socket 'in the cloud' on our network.

one machine did fail over, and began to use the remote backup scanner.

I did a gdb (connect), then told gdb to core dump.

I am waiting for someone at clamav/SF to ask me for the 300MB+ coredump.

clamdscan -V failed (would not connect) amavisd (not debug) gets me:

Jun 29 00:00:02 spammertrap amavis[93245]: (93245-20) (!)ClamAV-clamd 
av-scanner FAILED: run_av error: Too many retries to talk to 
/var/run/clamav/clamd (Can't connect to UNIX socket 
/var/run/clamav/clamd: Connection refused) at (eval 105) line 373.\n

nothing in syslog, nothing in /var/log/clamav/*.logs

i replaced it with that patched 0.97.1_1 (without the 'fix' for multiple 
wdt's on bytecode tests)

but, 0.97.1 (best I can do today):

20021 clamav     13  44    0   341M     0K umtxn   0   0:00  0.00% <clamd>

note, a running one gest me this:

30351 clamav      3  44    0   181M   159M ucond   1   0:00  0.00% clamd

(yes, <clamd> brackets must be something freebsd does every now and than)

its the RES of 0K and umtxn when hung, and 159M when NOT hung that is 

where did the ram go?

and, no, I didn't run out of swap.

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