Amavisd Not Scoring from Soft blacklist - a last imposition I hope

jason hirsh hirshj at
Tue Jun 21 19:44:55 CEST 2011

>> Works fine for me. Are you sure that this log entry is the one that
>> was produced after you made the change? Is it possible you have
>> @blacklist_sender_maps listed twice in amavisd.conf? If so, the last
>> one wins.
>> This is my test:
>> @blacklist_sender_maps = (['garyv at', '']);
>> Jun 20 19:46:05 filter amavis[3983]: (03983-03-8) lookup
>> [blacklist_sender<garyv at>,blacklist_sender] => true,
>> "garyv at" matches, result="1",
>> matching_key="garyv at"
> That was it....  I had the sample regexp blacklist map still in the conf
> guess I am back to trying to learn regexp
> Thanks for the education

OK hopefully one last imposition

I am trying to retain the sample blacklist_sender_maps  from the port configs...
I understand that it is in a regexp,,  I am galaxies away from understand the full complexity of that

I would like to be able to retain that map and add to the general map , as necessary, individual addresses

a) Is there a way to have @blacklist_sender_maps utilize both the current (sample regexp) AND and array like you used in your proof test?)

if not could some one point me to where I can find more about the qw and qr used in sample maps..( I don't come across the in my research to date on reqexp.)  

I have gone through the readme and man....  and just can't seem to figure that out.. I figure it has something to do with the "new_RE(" start

any help or tips would be MOST appreciated

>> -- 
>> Gary V

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