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Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Sun Jun 19 18:49:10 CEST 2011

* Peter Beck <peter at>:
> Antoine Nguyen <tonio at> quatschte am Wed, May 11, 2011 at 09:24:21AM +0200:
> > You can take a look at Modoboa (
> > 
> > It provides a quarantine viewer/manager and is maintained.
> Never heard about Modoboa, looks interestening... not for me
> personally but for users.
> I for myself think "managing spam" is waste of time.
> imo either you block it or you just send it to the inbox. 

I agree. Managing Spam is useless and tedious.

OTOH managing Viruses (false positives), banned files and undecipherable files

> what's the reason for maintaining a separate login or
> interface for potential spam ? I don't get it.
> If it is spam I don't want it. Otherwise I want it in my
> inbox (or in a folder called 'spam' in my inbox) and not via a 
> separate interface or whatever. It's just something more to manage 
> and learn for users. What's the multipurpose of a separate
> interface ? This is not an offense, just a question....don't
> get me wrong...

Antoine usually is open to suggestions. ;)

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