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> In looking further through how to set up quarantining, it looks like
> while sender-quarantine and recip-quarantine are both defined in amavisd,
> there are no corresponding "$sender_quarantine_to",
> "$recip_quarantine_to", "$sender_quarantine_maps", and
> "$recip_quarantine_maps" variables.  I've been walking through the Amavis
> code and the custom module that Mark suggested I use, and it seems this
> is the critical problem for creating the setup I need -- Archiving all
> mail to and from a particular user to a specific mailbox.
> Correspondingly, it seems like there should be LDAP attributes for this
> as well:
> amavisSenderQuarantineTo
> amavisRecipQuarantineTo
> Then theoretically you could even separate outgoing vs incoming mail into
> different boxes for a user as well.
> Mark, does this seem the correct line of thought to you?


Would you be able to provide me some possible direction on the correct way 
to go with this?  Your original suggestion does not allow me to replicate 
the behavior of the patch we had previously used.  I think many places 
would find the ability to configure amavis to archive a copy all email to 
and from a given user into a specific mailbox particularly useful, and done 
in a way other than a patch you find objectionable. ;)



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