SQL question

Antoine Nguyen tonio at ngyn.org
Thu Jul 28 15:33:15 CEST 2011

Hi list,

for my quarantine managment application, I'm trying to use Django's 
internal ORM to access Amavis database. Almost everything works fine, 
except for the 'msgrcpt' table.

Django complains about the fact this table does not present a direct 
primary key (I guess it is a composite key between the 'mail_id' and 
'rid' fields?). It is a shame but currently, django does not support :
* tables (models) without primary key,
* composite primary keys.

As I'm not going to wait for a potential django's update about this 
feature, I'm trying to look for another solution and here is my question:

Would it be problematic if I add a new field to the 'msgrcpt' table, 
like an auto incremented integer field that will act as a primary key 
only for django ?

Thanks for your help.

Antoine Nguyen
Modoboa developer

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