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Gary V mr88talent at
Sun Jul 24 15:09:07 CEST 2011

On 7/22/11, Amedeo Rinaldo wrote:
> Il 22/07/2011 17:41, Francesco Fiore ha scritto:
>> .. [cut] .. performance testing ..
>> but I'm getting a not good response time (~7 s from SA for 100KB
>> attachment) with only 1 email sent!
>>.. [cut] ..
>> Most of the overhead is for "tests_pri_0" (98.1%).
>> .. [cut] ..
>> Francesco
> Consider also your dns resolver 'distance'. If you are on a testing
> environment and your dns resolver has an high average response, SA could
> aquire lots of spent time in waiting for al dns queries.
> If you are uncertain, make a simple test with 'net tests' disabled and
> see results..
> Amedeo Rinaldo

This is an old thread and likely there is a better way to do this, but
since you are running an older version of SA, it may still work:

Basically, use of a local caching DNS server is recommended and you
are likely to find that programs like Pyzor and Razor (if you use
them) are going to take up quite a bit of time:

SA check: 6952 (94%)96,

Hopefully if you are using Razor and.or Pyzor they are confgured
properly and are working properly.

Keep in mind that larger messages may not get scanned at all due to:
and therefore processing for larger message may be less than smaller ones.

Gary V

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