web interfaces pretty much unsupported?

Zhang Huangbin zhbmaillistonly at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 12:14:28 CEST 2011

On Jul 20, 2011, at 1:15 PM, Jo Rhett wrote:

> I know there was a lot of work on various web interfaces a few years back -- but I just got done reviewing them and they all appear to be half-done and unmaintained at this point.
> I'm still using the SquirrelMail Amavis+SpamAssassin plugin, which requires a heavily tweaked database.  I'd like to go towards a standard DB structure, but I simply can't find anything as easy to use.  (although I'm having to hack that plugin quite a bit to make it work under php 5.3 now)
> Any chance there's something I've overlooked here?  Anything that any of you are using that you feel is complete and easy to use?

Hi Jo,

We achieved some simple features of Amavisd management in iRedAdmin-Pro[1],
a web-based admin panel for iRedMail[2] open source mail server solution.

Features of Amavisd management:

- Quarantine SPAM/Virus mail into MySQL database.
- Release, delete quarantined SPAM/Virus mails.
- View mail headers and body of quarantined mails.
- View logs of server-wide sent/received/quarantined mails.
- View logs of per-user and per-domain sent/received/quarantined mails.

You can view screenshots in this page:

Would you mind sharing with us what management tasks you expect?

[1] iRedAdmin-Pro: http://www.iredmail.org/admin_panel.html
[2] iRedMail: http://www.iredmail.org/

Zhang Huangbin

iRedMail: Open Source Mail Server Solution for Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
CentOS, Scientific Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, FreeBSD:

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