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> --On Monday, June 06, 2011 6:09 PM +0200 Mark Martinec
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>> Scott,
>>> We're making a big push on IPv6 readiness in this Ubuntu development
>>> cycle, so I'd appreciate having the patch.
>> That's very nice to hear!
>> The patch for Net-Server-0.99 is attached, includes documentation
>> changes.

This patch results in an non-working Net::Server object for me. 
Specifically because of line 790:

    ($prop->{peerport}, $prop->{peeraddrn}) =
      $sock->sockdomain == AF_INET ? Socket::sockaddr_in($prop->{udp_peer})
                                 : Socket6::sockaddr_in6($prop->{udp_peer});

The issue is with using AF_INET.  I know you have:


at the start of the module, however it is treating it as a runaway string.

Bareword found where operator expected at zimbramon/lib/Net/Server.pm line 
792, near "$prop->{peeraddr} = Socket6->UNIVERSAL::can('inet_ntop') ? 
  (Might be a runaway multi-line ?? string starting on line 790)
        (Missing operator before Socket6::inet_ntop?)

Both perl 5.8.8 and perl 5.10.1 complain about this.



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