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Wed Dec 7 18:06:32 CET 2011

We have a departmental mail server set up with a postfix/amavisd-new mail gateway.

The problem I'm having is that out-of-office replies from some members of one of our mailing lists are being sent to the list itself rather than the sender of a specific message.

I don't want to block all out-of-office messages from coming in, only those addressed to the mailing list itself. I also don't want to block all messages to the list address, as that would prevent some members from sending messages to the list.

What I've come up with so far is that the while the out-of-office messages ostensibly come from the user, the Return-Path header is set to <>:

Return-Path: <>

I'd like to set up a filter that says:

if Return-Path: = <> and To: = the_list_address

Unfortunately, postfix header_checks only operate on one header at a time. Is there some way I could set up a custom filter in amavisd that would do what I want? I've been digging through the documentation, and while it *seems* possible I'm still not seeing what path I should investigate.


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