SQL Integration

James Day James.Day at ontraq.com
Fri Aug 26 13:28:46 CEST 2011


This seems like a basic issue but despite my best efforts on google I have been unable to find an answer.

Currently I am handling per domain black/white lists using the following:

$per_recip_blacklist_sender_lookup_tables= {'.mydomain.co.uk' => [@domainblacklist]};

Where @domainblacklist is defined as:

My @domainblacklist = ('user at domain','user2 at domain2');

And this works fine. But is not very scalable in the long term.

I understand that amavis can integrate with MySQL which would make the whole thing simpler.

I believe I need to user:


To tell amavis which database to connect to and what credentials to use. And I think I might also need to use:


I have found the required schema for the database.

My question is this:

What do I have to set "$per_recip_blacklist_sender_lookup_tables" to in order to query the database?

Kind Regards,

James Day

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