Amavis+Spamassassin stops to assign score

Gary V mr88talent at
Tue Aug 23 03:55:25 CEST 2011

On 8/20/11, Patrick Ben Koetter <p at> wrote:
> * kipstar <kipstar1900 at>:
>> My configuration is Postfix+amavis+spamassassin.
>> This server always worked well until I moved physically this machine
>> *from a data center to another one*.
> Copied the config over and forgot to adjust @mynetworks and
> @local_domains_maps in amavis?
> p at rick

"Hits: -" indicates spam scanning has been bypassed. Maybe
$sa_mail_body_size_limit has been set to an extremely low number or
@bypass_spam_checks_maps has some entries? The best way to tell is to
get some detailed logging. I recommend setting a debug_sender and
sending a message from that external user and then gathering the
detail from your mail log.

# If sender matches ACL, turn debugging fully up, just for this one message
@debug_sender_maps = ( [qw( debug at )] );

Gary V

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