Email alias filtering

Andrea Cappelli a.cappelli at
Mon Aug 22 14:17:42 CEST 2011


I have installed a new mailserver with Postfix (2.7.1) as MTA,
     amavisd-new (2.6.4) as content scanner and Dovecot (1.2.15) as delivery
     agent on a Debian Squeeze
     I have some default values for amavis is configure per user with a
     policy for each mailbox plus some default value in conf.d/50-user to add
     spam header to every mail.
     The mail server manages some mailbox and a set of alias
     I noticed a strange behaviour when a mail is sent to an alias,  into log
     files I see the amavis checks before translation (default values, no
     policy for alias), after I see the translation (from alias to real
     mailbox) and the delivery by dovecot, but Spam header added by amavis in
     the first step were vanished.
     I would that amavis checks the email after the address translation, so
     per user policy can apply or at least that headers added during the
     first step (with default spam levels) are left into the mail

This behaviour depends on amavis configuration or on postfix configuration?

Thank you


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