Reading an array from a flat file

Helga Mayer Helga.Mayer at
Wed Aug 17 13:10:43 CEST 2011

Hello list,

I have some 50 users (out of 10000) for whom I want to bypass 
spamchecking. Instead of writing the addresses literally in amavisd.conf
I would prefer to store them in a file. Could this be done in
amavisd.conf or will I have to modify amavisd ?

Will the following code work ?

my $path_mailaddr = '/etc/postfix/bypass_spam_checks';
my @all_mailaddr = ();
open(MAILADDR, "<$path_mailaddr") || die "cannot open 
@all_mailaddr = <MAILADDR>;
my %bypass_spam_checks = ();
map { $bypass_spam_checks{lc($_)}=1 } (@all_mailaddr);


/etc/postfix/bypass_spam_checks contains:

user1 at
user2 at
user50 at

Thank you for any help

Helga Mayer
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