Can not release quarantined mail

Christian Roessner c+amavis at
Mon Aug 15 11:17:26 CEST 2011


> If a record is not in SQL, then either it was never stored there,
> or was deleted by some housekeeping script (not amavisd).
> Check the log for the entry which shows when the message was
> received and quarantined. What does the log entry say as 'quarantine:' ?

Today I had two mails in quarantine again and I can not release both,
because amavis tells me that there do not exist entries anywhere.

Here my log:

grep -i quarantine mail.log

Aug 15 08:32:58 mx0 amavis[31227]: (31227) Blocked INFECTED
(Sanesecurity.Malware.7047.UNOFFICIAL) {RejectedInbound,Quarantined},
AM.PDP-SOCK [] [] <users-owner at> ->
<c+sogo at>, quarantine:
virus/n5IQqZ-khm9w.gz, Queue-ID: 9445452082, Message-ID:
<CAHzS47JaG4OfGSozb9vd3K3DqDHHbMukVJg92R2qn+76A0bbGg at>,
mail_id: n5IQqZ-khm9w, Hits: -, size: 6869, 438 ms
Aug 15 09:08:57 mx0 amavis[31227]: (31227) Blocked INFECTED
(Sanesecurity.Malware.7047.UNOFFICIAL) {RejectedInbound,Quarantined},
AM.PDP-SOCK [] [] <users-owner at> ->
<c+sogo at>, quarantine:
virus/QoxTg1_XF8-T.gz, Queue-ID: 1D60452082, Message-ID:
<CAPsaoBf4jYyi9paPduW6aBCD0jXAf5_eDtc6U8BLj0fAdyBEDg at>,
mail_id: QoxTg1_XF8-T, Hits: -, size: 3990, 485 ms

Both are false-positive mails.

rns/roessner1 mx0 /var/lib/amavis/quarantine/virus # amavisd-release
450 4.5.0 Failure: Can't open sql obj for reading: No such file or
directory at (eval 122) line 362, <GEN70> line 4.

There is only one cleanup process for the database that runs outside
amavis and that is called with crontab @daily, which is at night
(00:00). But the mails shown here arrived in the morning.

The final destiny for virus mails is defined:
$final_virus_destiny = D_REJECT;

So my server rejects virus mails and put them into quarantine.

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