Open Relay testing based on recipient domain? Disable?

email builder emailbuilder88 at
Tue Aug 2 03:00:52 CEST 2011


I'm seeing this in my logs when mail is being delivered to a recipient in a virtual domain (but not when delivering to the main domain of the machine):

Open relay? Nonlocal recips but not originating: test at

(email address obscured)

I understand that this can be caused by the originating flag not being set in a policy bank, but I *do* have it set.  In this case, amavis seems to be trying to compare the contents of @local_domains_maps to the recipient domain.  If I add my virtual domains to @local_domains_maps, the error goes away.  However, I don't care to maintain all my domains in the amavis configuration file.

I am using amavis only to have a way to pass mails through an anti-virus scanner.  I have a rich set of policies and a good configuration that is most certainly not an open relay in Postfix.  I frankly don't need amavis to try to make guesses like this - it's redundant logic that I just don't need.

How can I stop amavis from doing this without having to add all my virtual domains to @local_domains_maps?

Thanks for the great software!

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