amavisd-new-2.7.0-pre15 pre-release is available

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Wed Apr 13 03:03:16 CEST 2011

A pre-release 15 of amavisd-new-2.7.0 is available at:

with its release notes at:

Main changes since 2.7.0-pre14:

- settings $enable_dkim_verification and $enable_dkim_signing are now
  dynamic, i.e. became members of policy banks, thus facilitating
  selectively enabling or disabling these features on a policy bank basis;

- default encoding for reading text templates from the tail of a file
  'amavisd' has been changed to 'utf8', which allows replacing a default
  text by non-ascii Unicode templates, encoded as UTF-8;

- support Postfix 2.9 long queue IDs (enable_long_queue_ids=yes) as available
  since postfix-20110321 by adjusting default values for $log_short_templ
  and $log_verbose_templ templates;

- some additional work on per-recipient SpamAssassin configuration
  files (@sa_userconf_maps, @sa_username_maps, and $sa_num_instances);

- added a configuration variable @debug_recipient_maps. Similarly to
  @debug_sender_maps, a debug level logging is temporarily turned on for
  the duration of processing of this message when a recipient address
  matches a list of lookup tables @debug_recipient_maps;

- added a setting $myauthservid, also a member of policy banks, which
  controls the "authserv-id" token in the Authentication-Results header
  field, according to RFC 5451. Its default value is $myhostname as before.
  Its value must comply with the RFC 5451 syntax ("dot-atom"). Having a
  separate control may facilitate setups where a message is processed by
  amavisd more than once, e.g. for DKIM signing of a mailing list fanout
  messages, where the second pass should not remove an Authentication-Results
  header field from a first pass;


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