amavis crashing in Natty

Mark Martinec Mark.Martinec+amavis at
Mon Apr 11 12:47:36 CEST 2011

Scott, Florian, and others involved,

> This is fixed in the Ubuntu kernel that will be released later this week as 
> Natty Beta 2 (it was just uploaded today).  Thanks to everyone who worked on 
> this.  I know it took quite some effort.  It turns out to be a significant 
> kernel regression that affected a number of other areas too.

Thank you Scott for taking it upstream, and for the swift action there!

> My view is the Net::Server patch was a workaround for the kernel bug.  I
> don't think it's needed.  I'm prepared to learn from Mark that I'm wrong
> though.

That patch for Net::Server is not needed (for the time being).

It may be needed some time in the future if people decide that the change
in a kernel was a feature after all (which makes sense to me), and/or
if users of Net::Server decide we would like to see exit status of
all child processes logged (in which case some additional changes
to Net::Server would be useful).

For the time being I would *not* recommend rolling in this Net::Server
path into distribution, as it changes the Net::Server shutdown sequence,
making it wait for all its child processes - which can take much longer
than the current careless shutdown.

It is probably alright if some sites choose to apply the patch to
their own installation.


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