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Markus Edholm schreef op do 31-03-2011 om 14:54 [+0200]:
> Olav skrev 2011-03-29 19:01:


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> > It does not handle user quarantine folders, only a central quarantine
> > for the server which is what I use.
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> > Thanks for your attention.
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> Hi Olav
> Nice!
> I havn´t looked in your source (shame on me)
> but is it only working with spamscore? Or can it show filelock, virus,
> and bad header too?
> /Markus

Hello Markus, thank you for your reply and for your interest in my

The programme doesn't actually do anything with the spam score except
print its value in the table. It is only meant as an extra information
for the user. I have debated (with myself...) if this is even necessary.
Because whether a message is legitimate or not will usually be apparent
from the sender, recipient and subject alone. And if it contains a
virus, this will be clear from the file name.

One can always click the file name to further inspect a message.

So if there is a next version I may just drop that spam score column
altogether. Or perhaps make it user configurable, but that seems like a
lot more work.

For your information, AQV does assume that all spam, virus, bad headers
and banned messages end up under the same quarantine directory. It will
then just read the contents of the quarantine (including subdirectories)
without filter. So these will show up in the table view.

Of course if you would want more information from the mail headers in
the table view, this would certainly be easy to do. If you tell me your
idea, I might be able to help you.

For myself however I will always try to keep it as simple and
uncluttered as possible. I only made this because I would like to be
able to delegate the handling of the quarantine to a non-technical (but
otherwise reasonably intelligent ;-)) user.

Olav <olav at>

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