Splitting amavis: The master plan ;-)

Patrick Ben Koetter p at sys4.de
Mon Mar 25 08:35:08 CET 2019


we decided to split amavis. Now we need to do it. This raises a few questions
(at least to me):

- What do we split amavis into?
- How do we split amavis?
- How will we use the packages?
- Who will be affected?
- Who will split amavis?
- Where will we push the splitted version to?

= What do we split amavis into?

My (naive) understanding is, we will split amavis into several packages. These
packages will be libraries. The libraries will be pushed to CPAN, where they
can be downloaded by those who want to install amavis by themselves or package
maintainers, who want to ship these libraries with an OS/distribution.

I can see that e.g. DKIM code may become a libary. OTOH I don't see
notification or log templates become a library. But they should exported to
external files too, I think.

Would we ship those templates as separate files that come along with the
amavis TARball, while libraries are on CPAN?

Who will sit down and identify the code sequences that should be extracted?
And who will propose which should come along with the tarball and which should
go to CPAN?

= How do we split amavis?

I guess someone will write a script that extracts the code sequences from
amavis and exports them to files. Then someone will add code into amavis that
references and loads those packages.

This raises the question, if all packages should be loaded at the start or
only if they provide functionality that has been activated by configuration.

To me it seems more secure to load functionality and code only when it is

= Who will be affected?

Once we know what we want to export and where to put the templates/libraries
we will know who will be affected. I assume it will affect those who want to
install amavis and/or provide ready to install amavis packages.

Would it make their lives easier if we provided a list of modules that need to
be downloaded?

= Who will split amavis?

Markus Benning created the issue to split amavis. I assume he will also do the
actual split. (@Markus: Will you?).

Who will review the result? I lack the skills to review perl code.

= Where will we push the splitted version to?

This is probably a question that has been raised and answered before. The
libraries will go to CPAN. Correct?


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