Splitting amavis in separate files/libraries

Patrick Ben Koetter p at sys4.de
Mon Mar 11 08:25:39 CET 2019

Good Morning,

Markus sent a WIP merge request asking to split amavis into separate
files/libraries with the goal to put them on CPAN.


Reducing the size of the rather large amavis file was one of the first issues
we discussed on this list. I'd like to take this discussion to a point where
we can reach a conclusion and act on it.

As far as I can remember nearly everyone consented to split amavis into a main
program and a collection of libraries. Are there any opinions that suggest we
do not split amavis?

If not then I'd like to start talking about how we'd split amavis, what we
need to provide to package maintainers to make it as easy as possible to
follow that major change and other details we should look out for. Which come
to mind?

So please take a few minutes, think about it and raise your voice.


p at rick

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