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Alexander Wirt formorer at formorer.de
Thu Oct 11 21:14:18 CEST 2018


as you maybe already know I am also one of the persons now responsible for
amavisd-new (yai...). I maintained amavisd-new for more than a decade in
Debian and I run amavisd-new for several customers since ~2002. 

We will need some time to properly setup the new amavisd-new project, but we
plan to work on it at the weekend. We plan to work on the following things
before the next release

- establish a proper git and release workflow
- organize the bugtracker
- build website and documentation with gitlab ci/pages
- split amavisd-new into proper perl modules (we can reassamble it for the
  release, but we really don't want to develop the monolothic binary)
- my company (credativ) developed a test framework for amavisd-new and custom
  modules that we want to integrate into amavisd-new
- setup CI jobs

We need your help!
If you are interested to work with us on amavisd-new, get in touch with us

Thats it for now

Alex (formorer)

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