Initial ML Setup... ;-)

Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Thu Oct 11 01:15:10 CEST 2018

Hello everybody,

if you received this mail, then the mailing list works (its been a while Ralf
and I had a look a the MLM config).

It also means you are somehow interested to contribute to amavis development
in some way. That's good. amavis needs your help.

We need to fix bugs, improve documentation and we need to think about the
future of content filtering and how amavis can and should relate to that.

But before that we will need to organize ourselves and the project a little
bit. Not too much. Just enough to ensure our efforts will have effect. And
hopefully not to religious.

My primary goal is to get things done. Regarding this aspect I prefer leight
weight organziation and a few, simple rules that work most of the time over
the perfect thing.

I've begun to add a few thoughts and ideas on organization to the issue
tracker. Feel free to comment (if you own an account) or simply reply here in
the list.


p at rick

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