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Thu Nov 1 20:45:20 CET 2018

* Ralph Seichter <m16+amavis at>:
> * Patrick Ben Koetter:
> > Well we *could*, once we've split amavis into a set of files/modules,
> > run perlcritic over them one by one. But before we'd take out I'd like
> > to understand what we think would be the gain – beside doing it "the
> > right way".
> Based on past experience, I'd say that working a sizeable, monolithic
> block is hard for any single developer, and worse for multiple devs. I
> sure don't feel comfortable.
> > There are other things that require more attention.
> While it may not be the most important thing at this time, I think the
> earlier a code cleanup/split is performed, the more it would benefit our
> work.

I completely agree on the split to allow multiple developers at the same
time. I'm yet undecided on the cleanup. But I'm no developer so I'll go with
whatever amavis developers think is useful.

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